How To Attract Your Perfectly Matched Clients or Customers With An Easy To Follow Fast Action 10 Day Opt-In Challenge


Attention Entrepreneurs, Virtual Assistants, Coaches, Online Professional

 Are you looking for the perfect way to capture the attention of your ideal customer/client?

Do you wish there was a way to create your perfect free opt-in offer in record time?

Would you like your free opt-in offer to help you find the perfect people who adore and want to work with you?

What if your free opt-in offer could speak directly to your perfect customers/clients, so they know you are the one to help them?

If you don’t craft the perfect opt-in offer, you could spend years trying to build your email list and your business

Hello, I’m Toni Nelson – Certified in Email Marketing and Direct Response Copywriting,

When I crafted my first free opt-in, I had no one to tell me what I should do.  I had no idea I was leaving out a critical component.

For years my opt-in offers were received favorably but not as much as I wanted. My list was growing but very slowly.  I knew there had to be a missing puzzle piece.

Then I realized the secret ingredient.

It’s something all the gurus were doing, but I didn’t realize it.

Once I discovered this super easy fix, things became much clearer. My business started to flourish.

You probably know what growing a TARGETED email list can do for your business, but let me make things super clear. When you have a list you have:

A Valuable Asset:  Unlike social media followers and likes, an email list cannot be taken away from you. At any moment Facebook could change a rule or Instagram might drop in popularity, and suddenly your followers could be gone (this is NOT a scare tactic... it REALLY happens, and people lose a lot of money). Your list is not subject to this, ever. The people on your list can opt-out, of course, but the list as a whole is an asset that isn't controlled by anyone because it's yours.

An Instantaneous Way To Sell Your Product or Services – Gone will be the day when you have to wait for someone else to promote you, no more struggles to find customers who are interested in what you have.  They will already be on your list eagerly anticipating your products or services that can help them solve their problems!

Immediate Response – You won’t have to wait for search engine traffic to discover you or wait for months for them to find you. You’ll know immediately if people are checking out your offers because you’ll be able to check your email statistics. Imagine being able to know who is clicking on your offer.

Consistent Income Opportunity – No one enjoys the income roller coaster ride that sometimes comes with being an entrepreneur. With an email list, you can create consistency in your income by growing your list, emailing regularly and making great offers.  That means less stress and falling in love with your business over and over again.

You know you need to create great offers, and you know if you create your PERFECT offer you're going to attract your DREAM CUSTOMERS. I know it, too ... that's why I’m offering you an email challenge you can quickly and easily follow.


The Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer Challenge!


You aren’t going to waste years trying to figure it out.  You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars or hours trying to get it right.

Because I’m going to help you avoid all the pitfalls I came across.

Here’s what this challenge can help you with.

The challenge is broken into daily action tasks, ZERO FLUFF. All you have to do is follow the steps on a daily basis, and you will get closer to attracting the right people at the right time who want to do business with you.

Here are the daily tasks you'll be instructed to follow:

  • Day 1: Understand Your Customers and What They Need NEXT
  • Day 2: Solve Their Pressing Needs and Get Them Excited –
  • Day 3: Pick a Perfect Format for Your Fabulous Offer!
  • Day 4: Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer
  • Day 5: Edit Your Perfect Opt-In Offer
  • Day 6: Work Out Delivery of Your Awesome Offer
  • Day 7: Create Profitable Thank You & Confirmation Pages
  • Day 8: Easily Create Your Opt-in Page
  • Day 9: Review Your Process from Top to Bottom
  • Day 10: Get Another Set of Eyes For Your Top To Bottom Review


Challenge Prep Sheet

Brief, pre-challenge sheet to allow anyone taking the challenge to BE READY for when it starts by having the materials and tools needed.

10 Day Fast Action Plan

Your action plan includes everything to do during the 10-Day Challenge and advice on how to do it quickly:

Your daily action plan will be emailed to you every day for 10 days.

You know it’s time to build your list, you know you need a free offer to do it fast, so the only question now is, are you up for the challenge? Fill out the sign up now button and let’s get going!



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